Scissor skills


We headed down to our favorite Black Wagon on Tuesday for our quick appointment with Karl Johnson, scissor master extraordinaire. In less than five minutes he whipped up Clementine's silhouette. But wait, there's more...


He did Weezie, too!!

Yes, it was hard to get Weezie to sit still, she wasn't as interested in the ipad technique that mesmerized the little miss for four minutes, but we managed. I love them!


Check out Karl's scissor skills on his web site. Maybe he'll be in your neighborhood!

fifty-licks maple bacon ice cream

Maple. Bacon. Local. Good packaging.

Fifty-Licks ice cream,

you're like a dream come true.

Now available in the NE Portland Whole Foods freezer section. Yay.

***It has been pointed out that not all Portland Whole Foods are carrying Fifty Licks. You may want to call first to double check or just head to the NE Fremont &15th location.****

places we go: Portland Nursery

I'm going to put together a list of places we like to go around Portland. I thought I would start off with the Portland Nursery. Yesterday I had to go there. Yes, HAD to go. It was needed for my mental health. The rain is starting to get to  me. I wanted to surround myself with some life and color and smell not only the sweet springy blossoms but one of my favorite smells...

fresh nutrient rich soil.

I like the smell of spring dirt.

Call me crazy.




Images in red for this dreary friday.

There would have been more but my battery went kaput.

Apparently it was over the rain, too.



in search of a little red, white, & blue

4th of july cupcakes


hot fudge frosting

Here it is, the good ol' fourth of july. Ours is a little lacking in festivity this year so I went in search of a little red, white & blue.

I declared independence from my kitchen (it is independence day!) and headed to saint cupcake where I found what I needed.

My favorite is chocolate cake with hot fudge frosting. Suddenly the day has gotten better.

The magic is in the hole at VooDoo Doughnut


I've lived in Portland for 16 months and today was my first VooDoo Doughnut experience. 

voo-doo-4We decided to do a little sampling...

voo-doo-pink-box-with-big-glazedGiant glazed doughnut.

It was about the size of the box. (Say about 10". Heard it's called the TexAss)


Maple glazed with bacon.

(Because the fried dough and maple sugar glaze wasn't enough, let's top it with bacon.)

voo-doo-cocoa-puffTriple chocolate penetration.

Count chocula would be proud.

voo-doo-dirty-snowball2Dirty Snowball.

Chocolate doughnut, marshmallow glaze, coconut and a surprise filling of peanut butter.

voo-doo-fruit-loop-close-upFruit loops. 


voo-doo-samplerFull bellies, achy teeth and a sugar high, we're ready to start our Saturday. It was all worth it.

Good things do come in pink boxes afterall.

voo-doo-sign-2VooDoo Doughnut is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Located at 22 SW 3rd Ave., Portland