a cozy teepee in the sun

It could have been the sunshine or the smell of the country air as I drove with the windows down, but I think it was the colorful grandma afghan's put to good use that made me smile from ear to ear today. Amazing! Do you think they'll mind if I stop in and play?

Shed Life

shed-1Once upon a time, not so many years ago, in an old apple orchard

shed-2overlooking a pond, a young couple was given an 8x10 shed to call their own.

shed-3This wasn't going to be an ordinary shed. They put up insulation.

shed-4Then came the drywall.

shed-5They wired it for electric and added a fan for circulation.

shed-6They painted the walls soothing colors and added a big window for extra light.

shed-12The floor was washed with a coordinating blue. A platform was built to support a twin mattress which would act like a couch on rainy days and at night the two would squeeze in for a restful slumber under the first roof they could call their own. A few select pieces were added like a mini fridge, music, and a shining silver star.


shed-71They planted a little garden,

shed-8added an outdoor shower

shed-10and an outdoor 'kitchen'.

shed-11Their garden grew as the sunny days passed.

shed-141As the sun set and the twilight came upon them, they would sit in their chairs overlooking the pond listening to the crickets and frogs chatter. Deer would wander in the field across the water and the cool night air would settle in. Later they would build a fire, sit and watch the flames crackle and try to count the fireflies. This was the good life. 

Treasure hunting at Hoffman's

Sometimes we need to search through old dusty, rusty things. When upstate, we would head to Hoffman’s. From furniture to dishes to tools, you never know what you’ll find. Over the years we have foundmany unique things here, even if it’s just a little creative inspiration.














Hoffman's Barn Sale is located at 19 Old Farm Road, Red Hook, NY

Be sure to say Hi to Roger for us!

Stinkhorn...sometimes the name says it all

stinkhorn3 Have you ever seen one of these before? Maybe I should ask if you have ever smelled the foul scent of rotting meat that is emitted from the sticky slime on the tip of this fungi? You wouldn't forget it. These little guys pop up quickly in rich, damp places in North America and Europe. The stinky slime attracts flies and other creatures to it which then fly away spreading the spores and the life of the stinkhorn is carried on to another place. 

flys-on-a-stinkhornAre these flies mating on the stinkhorn? They must really enjoy that smell!

stinkhorn2Aptly named the Phallus impudicus. (Impudicus translates to shameless. I'll let you figure out the rest)

stinkhornAccording to wikipedia, in Medeival times stinkhorns were used in a cure for gout and in love potions. Hey, it worked for the flies. In France and Germany it is eaten in it's very young stages. I know for certain that I will not be adding this to my salad!