Scissor skills


We headed down to our favorite Black Wagon on Tuesday for our quick appointment with Karl Johnson, scissor master extraordinaire. In less than five minutes he whipped up Clementine's silhouette. But wait, there's more...


He did Weezie, too!!

Yes, it was hard to get Weezie to sit still, she wasn't as interested in the ipad technique that mesmerized the little miss for four minutes, but we managed. I love them!


Check out Karl's scissor skills on his web site. Maybe he'll be in your neighborhood!

daytrip jr.

Our friends told us to check out Daytrip Society while in Kennebunkport. An amazing shop for sure but when I found out they also had a kid's shop around the corner well, it would be an understatement to say that I was more than excited.

Oh my! Daytrip Jr. is most certainly one of the best edited, fun, well merchandised kid's stores that I have been to. Look at all the good stuff!

a slice of a tree for love

crosscut board at home

A few of weeks ago we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. The 'traditional' gift is wood. We are so like minded, the mister and I, that we both went to the same store to buy the SAME gift; this lovely crosscut board from Canoe. These are specially made from fallen trees in the woods of Minnesota. They are sealed which brings out the natural wood grain and makes it safe for cutting and serving food. I love it. I have it sitting on our counter with some pumpkins and a box of grass. It makes me smile every time I see it.