easter prep

I used to plan Easter weeks in advance. Somehow, it has creeped upon me.  Last year's eggs really made me smile! (What can I say, sprinkles have that effect on me.)

So what to do this year? We're going with a woodland neon theme. Let's see if I can bring it all together in a simple, fun way.

I made the bunny terrarium again this year. It's been sitting on the counter smiling at us. Clementine keeps talking about the rainbow sprinkle filled eggs. Guess I'll add those to my list. I also found some cute, tiny cookie cutters and plan on making a springy version of these shortbread cookies.

Here's some more inspiration from the past.



what to do with shrunken stockings and a eco-eager child

It's all true. Sadly, my stockings shrunk. I threw them in the trash. Clementine said, "No! Reuse them don't throw them away." Oh, Portland child I love you so. I thought we could stuff them and make a bunch of little blue animals. She had another plan, "Let's make a snake!"

Yes, that will be perfect.

I let her do her thing. If the stockings hadn't shrunk one leg would've made the perfect sized snake but we joined two short legs together by overlapping. This was a simple, no sew, no frills project masterminded by a four year old. I helped her with the chenile stem to make a tail but the googly eyes were all her.

'Sparkle' snake is now her sidekick. Watch out! This snake bites...

The rainbow rope was the final addition which made for pretty stripes and helped keep it all together. She is so excited that she made a stuffed animal. She says she just can't believe it! That's my favorite part. Or maybe my favorite part is that it was her idea or maybe it's that it hasn't left her side and she keeps playing with it.

It's all amazing. Not to mention should I just let her take over crafting how-to's on the blog? What do you think?!


our very heart filled day

Just a recap of our very heart filled Valentine's Day which sort of spilled over into a heart filled long weekend. 

From heart shaped scrambled egg sandwiches to sweet homemade valentines; our day was busy and filled with love. We made cookies and had red velvet pancakes for lunch. Even the toys had a heart party! 

succulents + blossoms = happiness for all


Oh, the forgotten joy of cutting stems and arranging blossoms into a sweet delivery for a friend. A peppery punch of white freesia delighted my nose and that rose! So ruffly and green! It all started with four little succulents, a small white container, a bit of flower foam and a few various stems in different textures. I always think I'm going to forget just what to do. Is flower arranging like riding a bike? All I know is that making this was like a happy gift for me. Giving it was just a bonus. Receiving it? Well, I think everyone is happy.