Egg Carton Dragons for Lunar New Year

Clementine saw this idea somewhere and had her heart set on making dragons for Chinese New Year. It was a really fun project. 

With long tails of crepe paper streamers these dragons were so fun to dance around with!

We also celebrated at The Lan Su Chinese Garden. Tossing gold coins and rolling oranges for good luck, wishing trees, fortune sticks, and dancing lions in a beautiful city oasis make for a great morning!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Arrows and Valentines

Since the little miss is VERY into bows and arrows we thought the classic Cupid's arrow through the heart would be a great valentine to make for her classmates.

On our walks we collected the straightest small sticks we could find and I cut them to the proper size. Two punched holes made it easy to slide our stick through the heart. As I hot glued the feather to the top of the stick she glittered the tiny heart shaped arrow heads. Sweet Valentine!


rainbow valentine

When you're 5 it's all about rainbows. I love it. This year we cut out hearts in shades of the rainbow and I sewed them together. We hung them in windows or from the ceiling and smiled as they gently spun throughout the day. It seemed only appropriate to make a rainbow from flowers and plants to match.

Happy Plant

A simple little succulent in a glass votive. First put some small rocks on the bottom and then cover the roots and dirt with some moss. For some festive flair use fine glitter on wooden skewers and make tiny pennants from paper. A sweet gesture for a birthday or whatever occasion needs a little H A P P Y.

Red Velvet Mushrooms for the Winter Faire (and more!)

Clementine's school has a big Winter Faire every December. This year's theme was woodland; one of my favorites! I made all different sized mushrooms out of red velvet, burlap, stuffing, and logs. It was a super fun project. I arranged the mushrooms with fresh evergreens, lights, and pinecones. Magical!

Bonus! After the faire was over we used the mushrooms for our holiday card...

Happy Holidays from our gnome to yours!

Make your own Hula Girl Ring Toss

What better game for a hula party than hula girl ring toss? Call those rings hula hoops and you have twice the amount of hula fun!

This is how I made it:

1 storage container

3 dolls from the dollar store clothing removed shoes kept on

decorative tape (I had green on hand)

sequins ribbon

hot glue gun/glue

raffia or 'wrapphia' ribbon

embroidery floss of thin elastic roping

flower stickers

3 jar lids

1 50lb bag of play sand

plastic rings (We had them from a ring toss game already)

I used green tape to make a "bikini bottom" on each doll. Next, I hot glued the sequins ribbon to make a "bikini top".

The harder and more time consuming part of this project was making the hula skirts. I used wrapphia ribbon which can be found at craft supply stores. Starting with a 7-8 inch piece I knotted on smaller pieces one after the other the to make the skirt. You really only need about 4-5 inches of skirting. Trim the bottom of the skirt to appropriate length and then tie on doll. 

To make the lei, I stuck flower stickers on a piece of elastic roping. Hot glue helped to keep it in exactly the right place on the doll.

To help anchor the dolls in the sand I hot glued their feet to a jar lid. 

To assemble: place sand in storage container, arrange dolls, top with more sand and start tossing those rings!